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Deruta is a town of 8935 inhabitants of the Italian province of Perugia, known for the production of artistic ceramics. It is situated on a hill 15 kilometers from Perugia and 150 from Roma. near the ancient city wall is the oldest village, from where, by climbing three gates to the defensive system, you enter the Old Town. The main entrance gate is called Porta Sant'Angelo, the other children are called Porta and Porta Perugina or village of Todi. In the historical center, the two towers soar civic and church tower of St Francesco.Le origins of Deruta remain partly obscure, as evidenced by the various names that the town has become over time: Ruto, Ruta, Rupt, Direpta, Druid . Certainly has always been a bulwark of Perugia south towards Todi. Of this role is still witness the appearance of a fortified castle conserva.Numerose that the historic center is the testimony of a residential presence in Roman times, all confirmed by the characteristic architectural remains as capitals, amphorae and inscriptions still visible today in ' lobby of City Hall. Since the discovery of a fragment of a decorative plate dell'VII century, can trace the presence of a thriving village and already operating in the Upper Medioevo.Verso the year one thousand Emperor Otto III gave the land to some noble Germanic conferring the title of nobiles from Deruta. In the thirteenth century, Deruta had its own Statute (lost) followed in 1456, a new document in the vernacular. This includes the presence in the castle, as well as a mayor sent from Perugia, of four men elected facie among residents. The continuing epidemics of the second half of the fifteenth century, exterminate the population, the result from a reduction in the salt belt muraria.Durante War (1540) Deruta, took sides against the pope, even handed the keys to the country to Pier Luigi Farnese captain mercenary in the pay of the Pope, but nevertheless suffered looting and devastation. The submission of Perugia to the Church also brought the town a long period of peace. It is in these years that witnessed the greatest development of manufacture of the pottery industry, activities that, over the centuries has become known in Deruta mondo.La submission to the papal government lasted until 1860, apart from two short interruptions related to the domain French: between 1798 and 1800 was included in the Roman Republic as the fourth canton and the Department of Trasimeno, between 1809 and 1814 was part of napoleonico.L 'handicrafts from Deruta is identified with the production of artistic pottery, which amount to one third of the national total. The oldest document about this art form dates back to August 12, 1290. During this period, items are produced in common use, with little decoration, the dominant colors are green and brown ramina manganese.Nei centuries Deruta majolica reaches its zenith, spreading in the major squares in the '500 Italian artists like James Mancini and Francesco Urbini signed works of great importance. Pump plates, cups amateurs, straw and noble crests have a repertoire of motifs with female figures, mythological scenes, battles and sacred images. The color palette is enriched with orange, blue and yellow. It also appears the technique of luster, with golden reflections in the works more valuable. The first piece to shine, attributed to Deruta, is dated 1501, and has a plate in relief depicting the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, in the Victoria and Albert Museum in Londra.Pavimenti like the church of San Francesco in Deruta, Santa Maria Maggiore in Spello or the sacristy of San Pietro in Perugia are further evidence of the best production of Deruta majolica. In the course of time the style and decor are transformed into "compendiario" traits faster, and the "calligraphic", with plot of flowers, leaves, arabesques, birds and other animali.A Deruta are workshops, laboratories, factories, salt Exhibition of ceramic art and two schools: the State Institute of Art Alpinolo Magnini and the School of Ceramic Art Romano Ranieri.

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