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Le Vie Dell'umbria Ncc

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Autonoleggio con conducente Umbria, Car service Umbria, Assisi,

Servizio Minivan 8 posti,,Eremo delle Carceri,S. Damiano,Basilica di

San Francesco,Montefalco Sagrantino transfer wine tasting,Perugia Umbria Jazz-Eurochocolate,

Servizio trasferimenti Arrivi e partenze per stazioni e aeroporti, Italian car with driver

shuttle service-Sant'Egidio,Roma Fiumicino,Ciampino-Firenze Peretola,Bologna,Pisa,Pescara,Ancona,

Ncc per Assisi,Ncc per l' Umbria, Subasio transfer,Umbria driver tour,Umbria transfers

and roundtrips,Shuttle service Perugia Roma,Transfer Roma Assisi Umbria,

Escursioni e visite in Toscana,Siena,Firenze,Montepulciano,Pienza,Chianti,

Volterra,San Gimignano

Montalcino is home to the famous Brunello wine, famous all over the world, which is publicly traded, the best year? Come to find out, and why not bring a heritage like the inside of us! Drink and transportation here inside of me.

Montepulciano is home to the famous Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, the pearl of the lower province of Siena, together with Pienza city from where you can admire the beautiful views of the hills of the Val d'Orcia, with typical houses from the inimitable avenues with ancient cypress trees.

Choose a private driver, on your destination, hotel or farmhouse, available 24 hours a year, a time of about 2 hours

A trip to one of the symbols of Italy. Brunello, famous all over the world experience Montalcino to taste

Departure from the cities of Umbria Assisi-Spoleto-Foligno-Perugia

Special discounts on summer from June to August from 360 € instead of 400 €, save 10%

The "Brunello di Montalcino" is made from Sangiovese, a grape traditionally called "Brunello".

product specification states that the maximum production per hectare is less than 80 / ha (about 52 hl. / ha of wine). Regulates the placing on the market, which takes place on I January of the fifth year following the harvest. During this long period, the wine must spend at least two years in wooden casks and at least four months of aging in bottle. The retention period in the bottle grows up to six months for the reserve that comes on the market a year later. of the hill on which it stands Montalcino was probably inhabited since Etruscan times. Its first mention in historical documents in 814 AD suggests there was a church here in the 9th century, probably built by monks associated with the nearby Abbey of St. Antimo. The population grew suddenly in the middle of the tenth century when people fleeing the nearby town of Roselle settled in the city.

What is included:

• Hotel accommodation or transfer

• Parking

• Tax

What is not included:

• Wine tasting at several wineries (lunch at a winery with tasting at a cost of EUR 20 per person)

• Extra

• Tip

- Every extra, except as regards the transport of persons, shall be paid by the customer directly to the provider of such services, (wineries, restaurants, bars, shops, etc.)

For all the information you need, for a quote or to book one of the services offered calls to the number +39380806 44 47 or contact us

    Trasferimenti per gli aeroporti-porti-stazioni principali di Italia

    andata o ritorno a partire da :( Tariffe in bassa stagione, 1-3 posti in Mercedes S , Lancia Phedra  per singolo transfer )

    a partire da

    40 €, Assisi e Perugia centro,

    270 € Firenze Peretola

    290 € Roma Fiumicino, Roma Ciampino, Firenze Peretola

Servizio di trasporto passeggeri dallo scalo umbro, da e per ogni destinazione. Disponibilità di

Prezzi all inclusive

  1. van da 8 posti utili, per bagagli grandi, anche per portatori di handicap,


  1. auto Mercedes Classe S, 3-4 posti utili


  1. Lancia Phedra 6 posti utili


Tariffe a partire da e per RomacentroFiumicino o Ciampino tempo di viaggio 2 ore circa

€ 290

Tariffe a partire da e per Firenzecentro o Peretola

€ 270

Tariffe a partire da Per PerugiaAssisiTorgiano città


Tariffe a partire da Per Montefalco Giano dell'Umbria, Bastardo Trevi

€ 70

Tariffe a partire da Per Spello, Cannara, Assisi zona Subasio

€ 50

Tariffe a partire da Per Foligno città Bevagna

€ 60

Tariffe a partire da Per Gubbio Spoleto Todi, Gualdo Tadino, Passignano sul Trasimeno

€ 90

Tariffe a partire da Per Cortona - Terentola- Castiglione del Lago -Orvieto Bagnoregio

€ 110

Tariffe a partire da Per Montepulciano Chiusi Chianciano Pienza

€ 150

Tariffe a partire da Per Città della Pieve - Fabro-San casciano dei Bagni

€ 120

Tariffe a partire da Per Cascia Norcia Visso Preci

€ 140

Tariffe a partire da Per Castelluccio Forche Canapine -Amatrice

€ 180

Tariffe a partire da Per Ancona Falconara aeroporto

€ 180

Tariffe a partire da Per Ancona Falconara Città Porto - Viterbo - Siena città -Bagno Vignoni- Monte Amiata

€ 200

Tariffe a partire da Per Bologna -Pisaaeroporto o città

€ 360

Tariffe a partire da Per Rimini Riccione

€ 280

Altre destinazioni a richiesta, per preventivi usare il forum contatti o chiamare

+39 3808064447

Le Vie dell'Umbria offers a rental service with driver (NCC), (similar to taxi).

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Nature and Sport

Umbria Green Heart of Italy: land by glimpses unforgettable landscape, where the mild climate, the presence of fresh and green hills, mountains, forested valleys and make it one of the most picturesque and spectacular of the Italian territory. In Umbria, you can visit the disruptive Niagara Falls, the oasis of nature or of Alviano Colfiorito, now protected area, or have fun doing trekking equipment in parks, kite surfing on Lake Trasimeno, rafting along the rivers.

Food and Wine

Umbria land of ancient and authentic flavors, be driving the streets of wine or oil, come and
taste the prized Sagrantino di Montefalco, the DOC Assisi, the Torgiano Rosso, the precious
extra virgin olive oil, the true gold of 'Umbria, the tasty black truffle of Norcia, the tasty fish
 of the lake. If you are looking for places where the pleasures of nature and art merge with
 authentic flavors of the table are in the right direction.

Art and Religion

Umbria land of mysticism and religion, where the lives of saints important, as St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, Saint Rita of Cascia, merge into a huge artistic and architectural heritage that is among the most valuable and representative of our country. Land of artists like Giotto, Perugino, the Pintoricchio, who have made valuable impressive churches (like the Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi ...), a land of enchanting medieval villages, perched on the hills, fortified city, surrounded by greenery and ruins Etruscan-Roman, full of stories to tell.