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Prices from :

€ 30 for a one-hour visit, for groups of up to 4 people (Eremo or San Damiano)

€ 50 for a two-hour visit, for groups of up to 4 people (Eremo and San Damiano)

€ 50 for a one-hour visit, for groups of up to 8 people (Eremo or San Damiano)

€ 70 for a two-hour visit, for groups of up to 8 people (Eremo and San Damiano)

€ 100 for a three-hour visit, for groups of up to 8 people (Eremo, San Damiano and Porziuncola)

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Eremo delle carceri.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

The Hermitage of the Prisons is the place where St. Francis of Assisi and his followers retreated to pray and meditate.Located 4 km from Assisi, 791 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Subasio, the Carceri Hermitage is located near some natural caves, visited by as early as the early Christian hermits.Donated by the city of Assisi to the Benedictines, who then gave in San Francisco, so they can "prisoner" in meditation. Expanded in 1400 by San Bernardino of Siena and the construction of the church of Santa Maria delle Carceri, which included an existing primitive hapel in San Francisco, and a small monastery, the hermitage is located in a grove of oak trees surrounded by caves and chapels where pilgrims still retire from the road that climbs the mountain Subasio, continuing a fine gravel once a stone, beyond which lies the cloister of the friars, a terrace with views overlooking the ditch on the triangle of prisons. At the end of the cloister there are doors leading to the refectory of the monks and the Church of Santa Maria delle Carceri.Upstairs at the dining room are located on cells of frati.Scendendo a steep staircase, you arrive at the monastery and a forest of beech S. Cave Francis. The opposite path to that branch off the other caves of the first companions of Francis Leo, Anthony Stroncone, Bernard of Quintavalle, Giles, Sylvester and Andrew of Spello.


Secular tree  of St. Francis Holm.


In the woods, just outside the sanctuary, near the path leading to the grotto of Brother Leo, is the Chapel of St. Barnabas, normally closed to the public, with an altar at home Tau and an altarpiece of the sixteenth century, depicting Jesus from the Cross.
Franciscan tradition
The Hermitage of the Prisons is a place nestled in a grove of oak trees. There are many stories of miracles that are associated with this website: Tradition has it that the gorge which is located near the monastery is actually a river bed, now dry, its waterwere discharged from S. Francis as disturbing his meditation and that of his disciples in the grotto of St. Francis is a hole in the ground where you can see the bottom of the ravine. It is said that this was caused by the devil, immersed in the abyss when fuscacciato from San Rufino, in the middle of the cloister is a well at the point where, according to legend, S. Francis, through a miracle, because the water flow

Chiesa di San Damiano (Assisi)

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.)




n 1205 St. Francis of Assisi, praying before the crucifix in the church heard about it and ask him to repair his house. This event will profoundly affect the life of the saint right here in the last years of his life, he composed the Canticle of the Creatures. The crucifix has a very special Christ on the cross does not show the pain, but it seems to be open arms to communicate a message hope.Between 1211 and 1212 in Santa Clara, following a prophecy of St. Francis founded the order of cloistered nuns who lived there until 1260. The same church after the Catholic historiography, was the main protagonist of the miracles of the saint: the multiplication of bread, the gift of oil, drain the Saracens from the cloister, some exorcisms and healings, the appearance of the cross on the bread before the Pope
Art and Architecture The church has a nave with a small apse decorated with murals depicting San Damiano, San Rufino, Mary and Jesus, and a wooden choir from the fourteenth century. At the top of the arc that forms the apse is an original copy of the Crucifix of San Damiano, now preserved in the basilica of Santa Chiara. A side chapel has another cross from Innocent of Palermo.

Francesco d'Assisi

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera.

St. Francis of Assisi, born Giovanni di Pietro Bernardone (Assisi, 1181 or 1182 - Assisi, October 3, 1226) was a religiosoitaliano. Founder of the beggar who then took its name, is revered as a saint by the Catholic Church. On October 4, is celebrated throughout the liturgical commemoration of the Catholic Church (the festival in Italy, the Franciscan family feast). E 'principal patron of Italy was proclaimed June 18, 1939 by Pope Pius XII, who called him "the most Italian of the saints, the holiest of the Italians." Also known as "Saint Francis of Assisi, his tomb is a pilgrimage destination for tens of thousands of devotees every year. The town of Assisi, because of its famous citizen, was taken as a symbol of peace, especially after hosting two major meetings between representatives of the major religions of the world, promoted by John Paul II in 1986 and spiritual work 2002.Oltre, Francesco, thanks to the Canticle of the Creatures, is recognized as the initiator of the Italian literary tradition.

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